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05 April


23 March

Level 4 lock down – all CHT Facilities

Dear Unit Manager and Staff,

In response to the Prime Minister’s escalation this afternoon of the national alert level for COVID-19 to level three today, then to level 4 tomorrow, we are placing all CHT facilities into complete lock down to protect the health of our residents and staff, effective immediately.

You can find out more about the Prime Minister’s announcement here.

Important points to note:

• Do not allow any visitors to enter your facility, including family, volunteers etc
• Please lock all doors apart from main entry door and ensure it is monitored continuously
• GP consultations may be done via Zoom or phone or in person if urgent
• Please ensure all families without email addresses in VCare are contacted and instructed to pass on this critical update to other family members
• All Head Office and Area Manager visits are cancelled
• All activities programmes featuring outings or visiting groups are suspended
• Please maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene and handwashing.

New Isolation Leave code:

A new code ISO for Isolation Leave has been set up in Riteq. This can be entered in the application by the manager or CC. Staff wanting to take this leave will need to apply to their manager who has the discretion to grant this based on current policy. If a manager is unsure whether this qualifies they will need to refer to their Area Manager. For the employee this leave will be paid at their existing current hourly rate.

VCare COVID-19 alerts:

We have now introduced new documentation in VCare for the tracking of possible COVID- 19 cases amongst staff, residents and related people. Please check VCare for these new processes and toolbox training from Janice.

Future updates:

We will continue to update you as information becomes available from the Ministry of Health. You can view the Ministry of Health’s latest updates here.

All updates are posted on our website as well as being dispatched to the nominated family contact person who is responsible for sharing with the wider family.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation at this time. Please ensure this critical information is communicated to all staff members immediately and feel free to contact your Area Manager should you have any further questions.

Yours sincerely,

Max Robins Chief Executive